Fujitsu LSI RAID Manager inside an ESXi VM guest

Install ESXi using Fujitsu ESXi Custom ISO  (includes CIM components).

Install Fujitsu RAID Manager (5.7.3 works fine with ESXi 5.5) in Guest VM.


Configure External Time Source


Net Stop W32Time
W32tm /config /syncfromflags:manual /manualpeerlist:",0x1"
W32tm /config /reliable:yes
Net Start W32Time
W32tm /config /update
W32tm /resync

Add edit these registry entries:

MaxPosPhaseCorrection  =  172800
MaxNegPhaseCorrection  =  172800


Installing ROK Operating System in VMware Guest

To install ROK software in a VM.

Some Vendors  (Fujitsu):

name:   SMBIOS.addHostVendor

value:  TRUE

Other Vendors:

name:  SMBIOS.reflecthost

value:  TRUE

MacBook Connects to Wifi but no Internet

On MacBook Air Laptops – connects to WIFI but cannot get internet connection??


Answer:  Move and backup the following folder  – MAC(Name) – Applications – System – SystemConfiguration folder and reboot.

Backing up ESXi configuration

From vCLI  ( command prompt:

C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware vSphere CLI\bin> –save –server –username root esxibackup_10.10.10.10_5.1u1_20130812.bak

Backup file will be saved in:

%AppData%\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\VMware\VMware vSphere CLI\bin



Exchange Anti-spam cmdlets

<# Info about SCL Thresholds #>

<# List all Mailboxes #>

<# Show Logs #>
Get-AgentLog -StartDate “05/30/2013 10:00:00 AM” -EndDate “05/30/2013 11:00:00 AM”

<# Show Anti-Spam Histogram #>
cd $exscripts

<# Content Filter – Blocks email based on the content words, etc. May need to add a bypass for false positives. #>
Set-ContentFilterConfig -BypassedSenderDomains
Set-ContentFilterConfig -BypassedSenders
Set-ContentFilterConfig -BypassedRecipients

<# Junk Email Threshold #>
Get-OrganizationConfig | fl SCLJunkThreshold

<# Recipient Filter – Blocks email to internal users that don’t exist. Can also specify particular recipients that shouldn’t receive mail from outside. #>
Set-RecipientFilterConfig -BlockedRecipients

<# Sender Filter – Can use this to block specific senders #>
Set-SenderFilterConfig -BlockedSenders
Set-SenderFilterConfig -BlockedDomains
Set-SenderFilterConfig -BlockedDomainsandSubdomains


<# Shows current settings for the user’s Outlook-level Junk Email #>
Get-MailboxJunkEmailConfiguration -Identity matt
Set-MailboxJunkEmailConfiguration -Identity matt -TrustedSendersandDomains
Set-MailboxJunkEmailConfiguration -Identity matt -BlockedSendersandDomains

<# Blocks/Allows emails based on sender IP address, e.g. Blacklists #>
Connection Filter CMDlets

Add-IPBlockListProvider <# Add a blacklist to check against #>

Exchange 2013 AntiSpam

Enable Antispam Services on Exchange 2013 Mailbox Server 

& $env:ExchangeInstallPath\Scripts\Install-AntiSpamAgents.ps1
Restart-Service MSExchangeTransport
Set-TransportConfig -InternalSMTPServers @{Add=""}

Sender Filter Agent

Add-IPBlockListProvider -name -lookupdomain
Set-SenderFilterConfig -BlankSenderBlockingEnabled $true
Set-SenderFilterConfig -RejectionResponse "Message rejected as spam by Exchange2013 Content Filtering."

Recipient Filter Agent

Set-RecipientFilterConfig -RecipientValidationEnabled $true


Get-ReceiveConnector | Set-ReceiveConnector -TarpitInterval 00:00:10

Check SCL Histogram

& $env:ExchangeInstallPath\Scripts\get-antispamSCLHistogram.ps1




Exchange 2013 – something went wrong

MSExchangeDiagnostics Event 1006

The performance counter ‘\\EXCHANGE2013\MSExchangeIS Store(mailbox database 1736747621)\Quarantined Mailbox Count’ sustained a value of ‘1.00’, for the ’10’ minute(s) interval ending at ’27/02/2013 3:30:00 AM’. Additional information: None. Trigger Name:StoreQuarantinedMailboxCountTrigger. Instance:mailbox database 1736747621

Add User to Dashboard – Server 2012 Essentials

To manually import user names into the Dashboard on Server 2012 Essentials:

  1. On Server 2012 Essentials, open a Command Prompt window as an administrator.
  2. Type   cd “\Program Files\Windows Server\Bin”   and press ENTER.
  3. Type   WssPowerShell.exe    and then press ENTER.
  4. Type   Import-WssUser –Name <username>    and then press ENTER.
  5. Repeat Step 4 for each user name that you want to import into the Dashboard.




Exchange 2013 Mailbox Import Failed – How to deal with it

Powershell commands:
Give yourself rights to Import Mailboxes (not turned on by default):
New-ManagementRoleAssignment –Role "Mailbox Import Export" –User Administrator
Import a single PST:
New-MailboxImportRequest -Mailbox Peter -FilePath \\exchange\PSTarchive\outlook.pst
Import Multiple Mailboxes:
This example imports all of the .pst files on a shared folder. Each .pst file name is named after a corresponding user’s alias, e.g.  peter.pst
Dir \\exchsvr\PSTarchive\*.pst | %{ New-MailboxImportRequest -Name Import20120527 -BatchName Import20120527 -Mailbox $_.BaseName -FilePath $_.FullName}
Check Status of all recent Imports:
Output Report of an Import to file
Get-MailboxImportRequestStatistics Peter\Import20120527 -IncludeReport | fl > c:\imports\report.txt
Output a Report of all currently Failed Imports
Get-MailboxImportRequest -Status Failed |  Get-MailboxImportRequestStatistics -IncludeReport | fl > c:\imports\allfailedreport.txt

Resume all failed Imports (try again)
Get-MailboxImportRequest -Status Failed |  Resume-MailboxImportRequest
Two reasons for Mailbox Import to fail:
1.   Large Items  –  There are emails larger than the message size limits you have set on the Exchange Transport components,  connectors, etc.
Since the default is 10MB,  any emails in the mailbox larger than 10MB will cause the import to fail.
Places to increase message size:
Set-TransportConfig -MaxReceiveSize 50MB -MaxReceiveSize 50MB
 Get-ReceiveConnector | Set-ReceiveConnector -MaxMessageSize 50MB
 Get-SendConnector | Set-SendConnector -MaxMessageSize 50MB
Wait 2 hours, or

Restart these services?

  • MSExchangeMailSubmission
  • MSExchangeTransport
  • MSExchangeMailboxAssistants
or Restart Exchange Server
2.   Bad Items  –  Corrupt messages in the PST.
May need to run ScanPST several/many times on each PST before it is marked as clean.
ScanPST is installed in ProgramFiles/Office  folder,  but is GUI only, no command-line.
cscanpst is a command line wrapper for ScanPST.
ScanPSTAll is a script that automates cscanpst/ScanPST combo so you can queue up a lot of files to repair.
To make a script that will run ScanPSTAll 20 times,  make a new batch file next to ScanPSTAll script and put this line in there 20 times:   call ScanPSTALL.cmd

3.  If all else fails  –  You can tell the importer to skip bad/large emails and continue on.  The bad/large emails will not be imported.

Add these parameters to the New-MailboxImportRequest command.
-BadItemLimit 100   -AcceptLargeDataLoss